4th International Meeting on RECQ Helicases and Related Diseases

Venue / Access

Kazusa Akademia Park

2-3-9 Kazusakamatari Kisarazu Chiba 292-0818 Japan

Phone: +81-438-20-5555 Fax: +81-438-20-5139


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FROM/TO Haneda Airport

  1. Take a Airport Limousine to Kisarazu Station
  2. Change to Local Bus to Kazusa Ark
  1. Haneda Airport ⇔ Kisarazu Sta. east exit
    Haneda Airport To Kisarazu Sta. east exit, approx. 40 mins.
    Bus to Kisarazu departs from

    Haneda Airport Terminal 1, Bus Stop 12
    Haneda Airport Terminal 2, Bus Stop 12
    Haneda Airport International Terminal, Bus Stop 7

    Bus to Haneda Airport departs from Kisarazu Railway Station East Exit No.8


Haneda Airport [Dep.] → Kisarazu Station [Arr.]
Time Table(Click here)

Kisarazu Station [Dep.] → Haneda Airport [Arr.]
Time Table(Click here)

FROM/TO Kisarazu Staion

Time table of the Bus between Kisarazu Staion ⇔ Kazusa Ark


E5: Departs from Kisarazu Station Ease Exite
W3: Departs from Kisarazu Station West Exite
Bus in Red is not in service on Saturdays, Sundays and National Holidays

FROM/TO Narita Airport

  1. Take a Airport Limousine or Narita Express to Tokyo Station
  2. Change to Highway Bus to Kazusa Ark at Tokyo Station
  1. Narita Express
    JR Narita Express (NEX), trains leave from Narita Airport Terminal 1 Station every 25-40 minutes or so, and stop at Narita Airport Terminal 2|3 Station on their way out. You can check the departure timetable here. All N' EX trains go to Tokyo.

Conference Shuttle Service from Narita Airport

Narita Airport [Dep.] → Kazusa Ark [Arr.]
Feb-15 (Thu) Narita 12:00 → Kazusa Ark around 14:20
Feb-15 (Thu) Narita 18:00 → Kazusa Ark around 20:20
Feb-16 (Fri) Narita 12:00 → Kazusa Ark around 14:20

Kazusa Ark [Dep.] → Narita Airport [Arr.]
2/18 (Sun) Kazusa Ark 14:00 → Narita Airport 16:20
2/19 (Mon) Kazusa Ark 8:00 → Narita Airport 10:20


Time table of the Bus between Tokyo Station ⇔ Kazusa Ark

Kazusa Ark to Tokyo Station

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Tokyo Station to Kazusa Ark

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How to get on the bus at Tokyo Station.

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